Full Color Vinyl over PVC


Advertise your business, products and services with custom signs. Online printing with Smartpress lets you choose from an incredible variety of materials for both indoor and outdoor signage. The personalizing possibilities are endless.

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Expanded PVC is sometimes referred to by the brand names of Sintra or Celtec. They are used for a variety of advertising needs both indoor and outdoor. When using PVC signs indoors you will have a great long-lasting product to be used over and over again through the years that can be easily displayed using suction cups, double-sided tape, hanging or with screws. PVC signs are weather resistant and can be used in an outdoor environment also, but of course, their longevity in proximity to indoor use is shorter.

PVC sheets of material are able to be cut to any size (4’x8’ or smaller) and can also be customized and cut to shapes (arrow, circular, oval, etc). Signs may be single faced or double faced.


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